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It was worth the wait: from your numerous entries we have created a joint work of art in honour of the great composer. You can admire it online now: Just scroll to the mosaic and zoom in to find you and your friends.

You can also find the Beethoven Mosaic on two giant billboards in Bonn - we have marked the exact locations on a map below.

We would like to thank all participants, wish you a lot of fun with the mosaic and a great Beethoven Year.


250 years, 722 works and still fresh.

A discography that is second to none. Beethoven's pieces are still admired today, loved to be heard and reinterpreted. On Spotify alone, he has over 5 million monthly listeners.

Hyped even in space.

Beethoven's works have been on the move as part of the Voyager Golden Records since 1977. The discs with audio and image data are intended to point aliens to human existence and to attract them. Well, if Beethoven isn’t worth a trip ...

The soundtrack to the European idea.

Beethoven's music has always had a unique power that connects people. Today more than ever: The last movement of his 9th symphony became today's European anthem. A work that connects all Europeans and stands for our common values: freedom, democracy and human rights. Values that need to be protected more every day.

Outrageously progressive.

Even today, Beethoven's pieces push musicians and conductors to their limits. They are complex, sophisticated and revolutionarily playful in their unusual rhythms. Researchers at the University of Michigan and Washington found that a cardiac arrhythmia could have been the reason for Beethoven's unprecedented rhythm feeling.

The first rock star in history.

After his childhood in Bonn, Beethoven moved to Vienna - the center of the monarchy at the time. And he revolted like no one before him: As an extravagant outsider he roamed the streets, did not let the aristocracy dictate his life and made a name for himself as a virtuoso eccentric in a world that was not yet ready for star attitudes.

Whether he also devastated hotel rooms during his tours, we do not know ...

Discover the Beethoven Mosaic.

Zoom in on the mosaic and discover yourself and your friends.

Experience the Beethoven Mosaic live in Bonn.


Location of the Beethoven Mosaic:

53111 Bonn

53113 Bonn